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Welcome to Lime Eagle

Lime Eagle is your online home for quality sunglasses and other cool outdoors accessories.  We at Lime Eagle source good quality products from reputable manufacturers and trading companies throughout the world.  All of our equipment is 100 percent guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

We Sell Awesome Sunglasses

Here at Lime Eagle we have a range of super cool high quality sunglasses. Most of our sunglasses are polarized. We have tested them on our outdoor adventures and found polarised to be the best for outdoor activities such as boating, Kayaking, hiking, SUP, Kiteboarding and other outdoor activities. 

We Love the Outdoors at Lime Eagle

Here at Lime Eagle we love outdoor living.  We have spent our whole life doing outdoors activities, so we know just the sort of equipment outdoors people love to have to make outdoors experiences even more fun.

Who We Are

Our names are Sunny Bamford and Andy Bamford.  We live in the Far North Queensland in a small seaside town called Clifton Beach.  We are close to nature and therefore we are constantly testing out our products in our day to day outdoor living.

So we know all about having good gear!  We use it for ourselves, verify whether it is quality and then if it passes our test, we display it on our cool website for you to buy.

So everything we have available has been thought through very carefully.  We only want you to have the best equipment out there. 

We Sell High Quality Equipment Without The Expensive Price Tag

Here at Lime Eagle we are very selective about what we supply.  We want you to have the best deal possible and still purchase a great product that will last. 

We insist on supplying quality without charging high prices that some well known brands charge for their product.

A Little Bit About Shipping Time

Your new product will usually take 10 – 20 days to arrive (depending on the shipping method you choose). We keep the prices down, so that is why things may take a while to arrive at your door..  Please be patient.  Your new purchase is well worth the wait. 🙂

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